Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pure Individuality

         My style is mine. It’s about me, and no one else. I wear what I believe is comfortable and stylish, not because the latest issue of Vogue told me to, but because I am me. Independent. In the past, I have been in what I like to call a ‘safe zone’ for the fall season in fashion, but this fall I plan on breaking out of that custom and wearing clothing that is more ‘out there.’
          If you ask me, it’s much more difficult for men to be themselves in the fashion world without being looked at like a fool. Looking dapper and fresh out of a GQ magazine is stylish and all, but not for me. Recently, I took a trip to New York with a friend of mine who was presenting her clothing line at Full Figured Fashion Week. There, I felt free and at home. I knew no one, and no one knew me, so I wore what I felt like wearing without a care in the world what other people’s thoughts of me were.
          The night of her debut fashion show, I showed up and showed out. I wore regular black, slim slacks with a black button up shirt, accompanied by a gold sequenced jacket that REALLY set it off. To accessorize, I wore two gold bracelets and a gold studded clutch. Not only did I feel comfortable, but I felt fashionable, which is what I like.

           Now being in my early 20’s, I feel it’s time for me to really dig deep and build the courage to strut my stuff whenever and however I feel I can. I personally find inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s era, which although not being too long ago, I find to be the starting point of individuality. Bold colors, denim jackets, wild prints and patterns, etc. with a modern feel are what I plan on showcasing this fall season.

                                              -Cornelius Johnson

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