Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall 2012 Boots and Booties

Throw away your sandals and throw on your boots! This fall, boots are in! Day or night, boots and booties are the way to go. I for one, am a big fan of Jeffrey Campbell’s, and I’m sure the majority of fashionistas would agree with me. Spiked, studded, or plat formed, you can’t go wrong with Jeffrey. Some say Jeffrey Campbell’s are overrated, but if you ask me? SO WHAT!? if the shoe fits, wear it.

Another favorite of mines are Vince Camuto’s. Although very similar to Jeffrey’s, Camuto’s are safer and not so risky. When I worked at Macy’s as a women’s shoe sales associate, I saw that Vince Camuto was the go to boot/pump for ladies that wanted that fashion flare. When going boot shopping you don’t always have to go with a pump or plat form. Look for a small heel, flat foot, or even a knee high. It all looks fine just as long as you dress it up and make it work. So go out and get yours before the good ones are gone.

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